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Munroe Island

An archipelago of eight islands, Munroe Island is a delta shaped where the River Kallada joins the Ashtamudi Lake, in Kollam. Munroe Island, arranged under an hour from Kollam town is an unquestionable requirement visit spot to take in the lethargic town life in Kerala.


What to see and do at Munroe Island?

We take our visitors on a 2 hour kayak visit through the backwaters to partake in the immense lake and the encompassing vegetation. The kayak can float through the thin crisscross waterways and pass under the normally framed mangrove curves and short extensions. The palm trees doing homage the waterway appears as though they are inviting you.

Tragically, the fate of Munroe Island appears to be disheartening with quick natural changes. Certain spaces of this island are sinking. We will take you to one of those houses around here to give you a thought regarding the battle and dread these individuals face in their regular routine. It is accepted this island will be totally lowered submerged by 2050. So partake in the excellence of this interesting town while you can!

History of the Munroe Island

When Munroe visited this island, it was available exclusively by a boat and accordingly generally secluded from the central area. The Kallada River used to convey mineral-rich metal and soil from profound woodlands which used to get kept on the banks of this delta. In here developed mangroves in plenitude shielding the dirt from dissolving.

best islands in kerala
One of the islands in Munroe
To effectively utilize the spot, Munroe gave over the land to Malankara Church Mission Society to set up a theological school for preparing ministers. Out of appreciation for the incomparable British chairman – General John Munro who filled in as Resident and Diwan of the States of Travancore and Cochin somewhere in the range of 1810 and 1819, the Society named this island as Munroe Island.

The Society energized the development of fish, coconut, paddy, cloves, and so forth and the assessment gathered from these exchange were utilized to build the acclaimed CMS school of Kottayam. Later this training was stopped and this island turned into a panchayat in Kollam locale.

Care for some Philanthropy?

The Tsunami that lashed the island in 2004 achieved an immense change in the idea of water bodies. Numerous mangroves were annihilated and certain regions got totally lowered in the water, and even right up ’til today, a few low lying regions get overflowed on elevated tide days. In excess of 430 families have deserted their homes to the contrary shore dreading the appalling tsunamis and soil disintegration that lowered their homes.

backwaters in kerala
Doorsteps of houses in Munroe Island loaded up with water
Thus, it fits as a model displaying alarming results of a dangerous atmospheric devation. The Kerala the travel industry office and the town panchayat are doing their touch to advance this eco-traveler town as an area to concentrate on calamity the travel industry. To determine the current circumstance, the initial step the public authority has taken is to establish more mangroves. To restore the impacted inhabitants here, they are hanging tight for additional assets and substitute thoughts from volunteers and local area help to save this island.

Very soon Munroe Island will display the first land and/or water capable structure in Quite a while, which will be flood-confirmation. The construction is being made to rise at whatever point flooding happens and settle back when the water subsides.

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