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Trivandrum Zoo-Tickets, Timings, Entry Fee and Photos

Kerala’s capital, Trivandrum, also known as Thiruvananthapuram, is characterized by winding alleys and undulating hills.Due to its advantageous location, Trivandrum has served as a trading port since 1000 BC.The city was initially constructed on seven hills with the Arabian Sea and the western ghat on one side.Trivandrum is close to Kovalam and Varkala, two beach towns.

Trivandrum is a popular tourist destination that has something for everyone, from culturally significant holy sites that have thrived for more than a thousand years to a terrain naturally endowed with some of the most beautiful sights imaginable.The Trivandrum zoo is a must-see and definitely worth a visit.

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People’s feelings about reptiles range from fear to fascination.The reptiles found at Thiruvananthapuram Zoo include alligators, turtles, lizards, and snakes.Anacondas and king cobras should not be missed.The zoo has a large collection of butterflies in addition to reptiles and other animals.
The zoo has seven anacondas, six of which are female, and they were all brought there from Sri Lanka.The aquarium at the zoo is home to more than 15 different species of fish. Trivandrum Zoo: Hours, Booking, Fees, and Prices for Tickets The zoo is open from 9 a.m. to 5.15 p.m., and tickets are reasonably priced with:
Rs. 5 for children under the age of 12.
Rs. 20 for children over the age of 12, Rs. 40 for a family ticket (father, mother, and two children under the age of 12), Rs. 200 for a group of 35 or fewer students, and Rs. 50 for a still camera.100 for a camera for video.Parking costs a lot, Rs.150.
Monday is the weekly holiday at the Trivandrum Zoo. You can rent an electric car on the zoo’s grounds.The prices are very reasonable, and there are discounts for families, people with disabilities, and seniors.
Other things to do in Trivandrum Trivandrum has beaches and temples to offer.
One of the nation’s oldest temples, Sri Padmanabhaswamy is dedicated to Lord Padmanbhaswamy.
A small coastal village near the city is Poovar Island.King Solomon is said to have arrived here.It was a significant trading hub.
The observatory is on a hill and has a great view of the city and the surrounding area.
With magic and entertainment, the Magical Planet Theme Park promises to be a fun family activity.
Kovalam Beach is regarded as one of India’s cleanest beaches.

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