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10 Things to do in Allepey

Kerala, God’s own country, is one of India’s most beautiful tourist destinations. Here are the top ten things to do in Alleppey. This wondrous state is characterized by a surreal calmness, calming atmosphere, and lush greenery. Kerala’s Alleppey is a tranquil and beautiful town that brightens up the state’s captivating calm.

Alleppey draws tourists from all over India and the world with its exotic lagoons, sparkling backwaters, and lush greenery. Spending a weekend or vacation in the town is heavenly and divine. You can spend time in Alleppey in a variety of ways, including boating on the backwaters, taking in the cooling breeze, and floating in the fresh air.

Do you want a comprehensive plan for how you want to spend your time in this charming town?

The top ten things to do in Alleppey will be discussed in detail in this article.
1. Relaxing on the beach Alappuzha is the Alleppey beach line. One of the best and most exciting things to do in Alleppey is to unwind on the golden sandy beaches and shores. Noticing the dawn and the nightfall at the sea shores should not be missed. The Arabian Sea’s waters are illuminated by the sun’s golden rays, which appear to sparkle all around.

The ideal way to appreciate the natural beauty is to take a leisurely stroll along the beach with loved ones. It’s a wonderful feeling to soak in the warm breeze and let the blissful air around you calm your soul. You can have a good time by swimming, participating in beach activities, and playing water sports. There is an unwanted beacon to visit close to the ocean side.

The 137-year-old pier that plunges far into the water is yet another draw. You can take some stunning pictures of the beach and the sea by walking along the pier up to a certain distance.

2. Cruising along the backwaters
Sailing and cruising along the backwaters are a portion of the thrilling and exciting activities in Alleppey. It’s a famous method for investing a quiet energy drifting on the tranquil waters. The view around is lovely, with a lot of greenery between and the shores lined with tall palm and coconut trees and small villages. The advice is to use the boats in the afternoon and cruise the waters while taking in the sunset.

Watching the sunset unfold over the water with its vibrant golden rays is a wonderful experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take photos of these amazing moments. You can even spend the night in the houseboats, immersed in the tranquility of the surroundings. They serve great food and beverages inside the houseboats.

Take a trip to the towns along the coasts to sample some of the fresh and delicious seafood and local drinks. One of the best local specialties are the spiced fried fish dishes. On the cruise, it is a pleasant experience to watch the boats and houseboats travel through small canals and paddy fields. Visit Kuttanad to experience daily life in a village. Kuttanad is known as India’s Rice Bowl. This tranquil village is surrounded by paddy fields, coconut trees, sparkling water streams, and spice plants. In addition to cultivating paddy and spices, duck and fish farming are among the villagers’ primary occupations.

Some of the most popular things to do in Alleppey are to stroll through the village and mix with the locals. You can work with the villagers to help them farm spices and paddy fields. It’s a good chance to learn about their culture, festivals, and customs, as well as their day-to-day lives.

Curiously, Kuttanad is India’s lowest point. You can encounter how horticultural cultivating should be possible underneath ocean level. The place’s rustic and rural atmosphere is priceless. The Heritage Agricultural System, with its well-planned canals and coconut farmlands, is the main draw.

Photographers and nature lovers will love the location. Enjoy the regional dishes that the locals have made for you. Walking around the village, taking in the crispness of the air and recharging your mind and spirit, is pure bliss.

3. The Pathiramanal Islands, near Alleppey, are home to thousands of local, water, and migratory birds. You can go bird watching there. Bird-watching at the islands is one of the captivating activities in Alleppey. There are approximately fifty migratory and approximately 90 local bird species. You need to set aside enough time to observe the birds in their natural environment.

Pintail ducks, night herons, Indian shags, Kingfishers, whistling ducks, egrets, pheasants, drongoes, waterhens, mynas, cormorants, cotton pygmy geese, and numerous others are among the most common species. The best part is watching the birds play in the water and captivate the ear with their melodic chirping.

With their various antics and sounds, the birds can entertain you throughout the day. The islands are home to numerous uncommon and rare bird species, making them a delight for photographers. Speedboats are the best way to get to the islands. In the midst of the stunning landscape, it is thrilling and risky.

4. Relax with a Spa Treatment The city of Alleppey is one of many outstanding spa resorts in the state of Kerala. In fact, one of Alleppey’s best activities is spending time in a spa. To rejuvenate your mind and body, you can choose to stay at a spa resort or visit a spa lounge. Also, there are various kinds of spas for easing body agonies, muscle, and joint torments.

Chronic conditions like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and migraines can all be treated there as well. The prices start at almost INR 1000 and go up from there. Your medical statistics are evaluated and analyzed by professionals and medical experts at spa resorts. They will recommend the packages and programs you should choose based on the evaluation.

You don’t have to suffer through stress and fatigue every day to find peace and tranquility. Spas are a great way to get away from the stress and worries that come with everyday life. The Palm Beach resort, Lake Canopy, Abad Turtle Beach, Warmth Lake Heaven, and Uday Serenity Backwater resort are just a few of the popular Alleppey spa resorts. You can partake in an agreeable stay while encountering a loosening up spa knead.


5. Visit the Temples and Churches A visit to Alleppey would not be complete without a stop at the churches and temples. The holy and pious minds of the city’s residents are brought to mind by the magnificent religious buildings. It also serves as evidence of the revival of Christianity and Hinduism in this charming little town.

Ambalapuzha Krishna temple, Chettikulangara Bhagavathy temple, Nagaraja Temple, Latin Catholic Church, St. Andrew’s Florence church, and St. Mary’s church are the most well-known among them. The structures’ minimalist yet artistic design will captivate you.
To truly experience the divine essence, you must spend some time inside the churches and temples. Devotees from the city, the state, and various parts of India visit the churches and temples. They have elevated the city’s and the state’s heritage and tradition for many years.

Particularly the practice of Ayurveda, which has helped numerous human souls overcome distress and illness. History buffs will truly appreciate visiting the sanctuaries and temples as every one has a story or fantasy behind its foundation. Photographers are also drawn to the temple because of its artistic splendor and picturesque setting.

6. A Visit to the Well-Known Revi Karunakaran Museum Visiting the Well-Known Revi Karunakaran Museum is one of the best things to do in Alleppey. Particularly well-known is the museum’s collection of crystals; sure to keep you entranced. The precious stones in plain view are the assortments of the Revi Karunakaran relatives. The all out antiquities of the historical center count up to just about 3000; truly one of Alleppey’s best activities.

The key among them is the shining incredibly popular Swarovski precious stone assortment. The Tanjore paintings, antique furniture, ivory worlds, porcelain, and other traditional items used by the ancient people are among the artifacts in the museum of ancient India.

It’s good to go to the museum and learn about ancient India’s culture, traditions, and history. Betty Karan, the widow of the late Revi Karunakaran, established the museum in 2003. The museum is said to contain items from three generations of the family. In addition, you can observe the amalgamation of the four Indian religions—Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam.

7. Shopping at the neighborhood markets
Shopping is a piece of any movement. Additionally, you should not miss while in Alleppey. One of the must-do activities in Alleppey is to purchase mementos, gifts, and other mementos for loved ones and even as a memento. You can try on authentic and traditional jewelry from south India. Products for the home and handicrafts made locally are abundant and available for purchase.

The prices are reasonable, but you may need to bargain to get a good deal. Alleppey is well known for flavors, so don’t pass up a portion of the parcels of flavors being sold in the business sectors. The flavors around here, are perhaps of the best in Indium. Spices from the well-known Canal Bazaar are good to buy. As a memento of your trip, you should not pass up the opportunity to purchase some local souvenirs.

The Alappuzha Zakariya market is the most prominent market to pursue. You can try some fresh fish from the market if you plan to cook and stay in a homestay. Additionally, there are numerous maritime products on the market for market hoppers and shop alcoholics. One more unmistakable commercial center in the city is the drifting Triveni market.

Alleppey is additionally renowned for coir and rugs. You can find them in local markets or traditional state emporiums.


8. Take a Nightwalk Nightwalking is one of Alleppey’s thrilling and exciting activities. You can chill out at night with food and drinks by lighting a bonfire or campfire. It is ideal to remain at a hotel or a camp close to the backwaters. The experience is satisfying to sit underneath the star-lit sky and stand by listening to the sputtering sound of the waters. Nighttime walking tours are offered by some resorts, giving guests the chance to interact with the locals.

The tours and night walks give you a great understanding of the locals’ lives, culture, eating habits, customs, heritage, and festivals. To satiate your taste buds, you can try the local foods with them.

In addition, you will enjoy learning their informal language. Strolls around evening time in Alleppey are tranquil and happy, a method for reviving your psyche and soul. So in the event that you are interested to profound jump into the way of life and history of the city and the state, then don’t pass up a mobile visit through the paths of the city.

9. Bounce on to the Coir Exhibition hall
Coir is exceptionally renowned in Alleppey. Therefore, going to the coir museum is one of the best things to do in Alleppey. You can observer the course of coir making and furthermore gain from the specialists. You can sit down and try weaving some of the local items made of coir with the coir makers.

The museum has ornaments, bags, products for decorating the home, and small animal and bird replicas made of coir. You can observe all of the coir-making processes at an adjacent coir factory; Engaging in it is a very interesting activity

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