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Plan Your Kerala Tour : A Complete Tour Guide

In the event that you are in the arranging phase of an extraordinary occasion or special night to Kerala, I propose you to experience the subtleties underneath. This is composed from my own involvement with arranging Kerala visit bundles for some, visitors like you. This article will help you in choosing each part of your visit.

Preparing For Your Dream Kerala Trip

“A Practical Guide to Help You Plan Your Kerala Holidays”

Prior to doing any examination, conclude the quantity of days you can spend on your Kerala occasion. This is urgent as you can choose spots to visit according to your leave as it were.

In the event that you are having enough leave from office, experience distinctive places of interest in Kerala, and with the assistance of your visit coordinator finish the quantity of days. In the two cases, freeze your appearance and flight dates.

Once your kerala visit bundle is concluded, you can book your passes to Kerala. While booking ahead excursion, it’s consistently fitting to book up to Cochin. Trivandrum is another alternative – book up to Trivandrum just if your first goal is Kovalam or Kanyakumari. Calicut is acceptable just if your first goal is Wayanad.

Cochin is additionally spelled as Kochi, and is otherwise called Ernakulam. While booking a transport you can make the booking to Ernakulam. While booking a train you may book to Ernakulam North or Ernakulam South as certain trains stop just at one station. The station code for train booking is ERN or ERS.To travel to Munnar get down at Aluva train booking station code is AWY. For flights, make the booking to Cochin or Kochi (area code is COK). Using any and all means, attempt to arrive at Cochin as ahead of schedule as conceivable to cover greatest spots in our kerala visit bundles.

Sightseers from Coimbatore, Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai and Hyderabad can reach Kerala via train, flight or transport. From Coimbatore, transport is the most ideal choice. On the off chance that you are going from Bangalore, you have every one of the three alternatives. Typically a transport takes 9 – 12 hrs to arrive at Cochin from Bangalore. These days multi-hub Volvo transports are arriving at Cochin in 9 to 10 hrs. This fluctuates on street conditions. There is a check post at Tamil Nadu – Kerala fringe and once in a while, we have seen transports arrived behind schedule due to checking at this check post. There are bunches of transports employing on Bangalore – Cochin course and this is a decent choice to reach Kerala from Bangalore. You may even check for sleeper transports. A train takes around 12 hrs from Bangalore yet getting a ticket is the greatest test. In the event that tickets are accessible, this is the most ideal choice. Regardless, attempt to book a transport/train which arrives at Cochin in the first part of the day. In the event that you are choosing flight, book a flight that compasses at any rate before early afternoon.

From Hyderabad, flight or train is the most ideal choice. Pick a transport in particular if nothing works out, as it takes just about 18 hours. These days transports are employing from Mumbai additionally yet utilize this as your last choice, as it is almost a 36 hour venture.

From Mangalore you can go by transport or train. From Mysore, you have the alternative of just transport, or, more than likely you have to make a trip to Bangalore first and afterward to Cochin. From Chennai you can go by transport, train or flight. Transport and train takes right around 12 hours to arrive at Cochin.

From Delhi, Ahmadabad or some other goals to Kerala, you have the choice of going via train or flight as it were.

For the individuals who are originating from different nations, you have the alternative to come legitimately by flight. You can likewise get off at one of the metro city air terminals and come to Kerala via train. You have to do all the booking in advance to maintain a strategic distance from any disarray.

Once forward excursion is reserved, you may book bring ticket back. While booking return ticket, kindly be cautious about timings and goals. I recommend you book this simply subsequent to concluding the bundle, or if nothing else the agenda.

Pick the Destinations

Presently we have to settle on the goals to be secured. This is the place we have to adjust between the quantity of days you have and your inclinations. A little portrayal about the significant places of interest in our Kerala visit bundles should assist you with this.

Significant Tourist Destinations in South/Central Kerala

Cochin – In many cases this is the spot you land in Kerala. In the event that you are keen on Cochin touring, you can either do this on the principal day – upon landing in Cochin, or in the event that you have enough time on a day ago, put it all on the line.

Munnar – This is the best place of interest in our Kerala visit bundles. You’d love to see it multiple times. Munnar is a slope station.

Thekkady – Thekkady has the Periyar untamed life Sanctuary that you can visit when you go for drifting at Thekkady. Thekkady has a ton of brave exercises and eco the travel industry exercises as well.

Alleppey/Kumarakom – This is where you can go for a houseboat journey. Alleppey additionally has a great deal of resorts to unwind, and there is likewise a delightful sea shore.

Trivandrum-The capital city

Kovalam – Lovely sea shores

Kanyakumari – Though this is in Tamil Nadu, in the event that you are venturing out up to Trivandrum (and if time grants), it is fitting to have a visit.

Athirapilly-Vazhachal – Biggest water falls in Kerala.

Cherai – Another sea shore close to Cochin.

Guruvayoor – Pilgrim place, the acclaimed Krishna sanctuary. There is an elephant haven at this spot with in excess of 65 elephants.

Significant Tourist Destinations in North Kerala

Northern piece of Kerala has Wayanad to visit. Wayanad is around 300km towards north from Cochin.

Plan Your Itinerary

From the above recorded significant vacationer goals, make a rundown of spots you wish to cover in our Kerala visit bundles.

I will expound on every one of these spots in detail beneath with movement time required for each. In the wake of perusing this post, you would be in a situation to finish the spots to visit contingent upon your leave from office. When spots of visit and number of evenings in every goal are finished, the agenda can be set up easily.



More often than not, this is where you land in Kerala. On the off chance that you have enough days in Kerala, an entire day visit of Cochin merits doing. Cochin has part of touring places including Marine drive, Chinese fishing nets, Fort Cochin where you can visit Dutch palace, Jew Synagogue and so forth.

On the off chance that you are shy of time, I recommend you to move straightforwardly to your first goal from Cochin. This can be Munnar which is 4 to 5 hours drive from Cochin, Thekkady which is 5hrs drive, Alleppey 2hrs, Guruvayoor 2hrs and Athirapilly-Vazhachal, a short 2 hours drive. In the event that you need Kovalam as your first goal, it is smarter to show up at Trivandrum as opposed to having a furious travel of 6 to 7 hours around the same time of appearance.

For each movement you have to consider stopping time in the middle of for touring, food and so forth. In the event that your first goal is Alleppey Houseboat, ensure you arrive at Cochin at any rate by 9AM with the goal that you can register to Houseboat at 12Noon. In the event that your appearance is after 10AM at Cochin, at that point don’t design Alleppey Houseboat voyage around the same time, as register to houseboat is at 12Noon and look at will be at 9AM following day. On the off chance that you are arriving at Cochin after 3PM, at that point don’t design any movement on that day. For this situation, most ideal choice is to remain in an inn close to air terminal or railroad station depending how you come to Cochin. Most lodgings close to the air terminal offer let loose pick from the air terminal, hence helping you get a good deal on a vehicle for that day. Do educate your travel planner about your method of appearance, so they can book the inn likewise. Cochin air terminal is practically 20km from Cochin city/railroad station.

In the event that you are wanting to remain at Cochin on appearance day, ordinarily check in time of all lodgings is 12 Noon and in the event that you are arriving at early morning, do advise this ahead of time to your travel planner. For this situation you can demand for early check in. The majority of the lodgings permit this subject to room accessibility and do take note of that morning meal won’t be complimentary during the current day.

In the event that you are wanting to venture out to different goals around the same time, I recommend you to begin straightforwardly to that goal, rather than having a half day touring of Cochin and afterward going to next goal. In the event that you are showing up at Cochin via train or transport or after a long flight travel, attempt to revive yourself before driving from Cochin to your next goal. This causes you to appreciate the excursion directly from starting and you can do all your touring in transit. Organizing your first goal as per your appearance time is significant.


Munnar Tea Gardens

Munnar, a slope station, is one of the most excellent spot in our Kerala visit bundles. There are heaps of Tea manors and in excess of twelve spots to see close Munnar. This is an absolute necessity see place on the off chance that you are visiting Kerala. Atmosphere will be generally cold consistently. Munnar is 140km from Cochin.

In the event that you are making a trip to Munnar, you should attempt to remain there at any rate for 2 evenings. For your ahead excursion, travel time recorded from Cochin is 4 to 5hrs, yet in reasonable you will reach Munnar in around 7 to 8 hrs in particular. There are loads of touring spots in the middle. You can appreciate cascades and moving slope with tea plants in transit. During this movement appreciate as much as possible on the day and don’t be in a hurry to reach Munnar. You can even visit zest estates in transit. In the wake of getting a charge out of the view, you will reach Munnar before sun-down as it were.

On the off chance that you sense that, you can invest some energy in the market. On the off chance that your inn is away from Munnar town, attempt to have food and finish all exercises around and move to inn. Returning from lodging to town in night is definitely not a smart thought as there can be haze in the street and driving isn’t protected.

Second day ought to be devoted for touring in and around Munnar. On the off chance that you need to cover practically all spots, attempt to begin touring by 8.30. Or on the other hand you can pick spots to visit as indicated by your advantage and state of mind. Buy flavors, tea and so forth while you go for shopping. Do visit Eravikulam National Park to see the jeopardized mountain goat of South India, the Nilgiri Tahr.

Choosing the retreat/lodging is generally significant while you are in Munnar. Each inn in Munnar isn’t visiting the area, you will discover lodgings inside a sweep of roughly 30km from Munnar. See Hotels in Munnar .Most of the great retreats are away from city. . On the off chance that you are an individual who wishes to remain in city, do ensure the lodging you select is in city itself. In the event that you need to be away from all traffic and love to have a casual mind-set select a retreat/lodging in like manner. While moving toward any visit administrator, on the off chance that you have a particular decision, ensure you convey this obviously.

It is in every case better to do a Google search on the lodging chose. It’s not possible for anyone to disclose to you whether you will like a lodging or not. As this is extremely abstract and relies on your inclinations and foundation. By and by I like to avoid city when I am on vacation and used to lean toward lodgings outside the city. Be that as it may, for excursions for work, I incline toward city inns.

An ordinary bundle can be set up with 2 night remain at Munnar. In the event that you wish to remain at Munnar for 3 evenings, you will get a great deal of time to unwind. A bundle with one night in Munnar isn’t so fitting. I have seen commonly individuals taking bundle with one night at Munnar and one night at Alleppey when they have just 3 days to spend. This is certainly not a smart thought as they won’t have the option to cover neither Munnar nor Alleppey.

From Munnar, you can go to next goals like Thekkady, Alleppey, or Cochin. Moving to Kovalam straightforwardly from Munnar is certifiably not a smart thought as voyaging time would be least 10hrs. In the event that you are moving to Cochin to get return flight/train do ensure you have least 6hrs in the middle of, as you may even stop for food during this movement. So do your time arranging in like manner.

Here is a simple to follow map with the significant places of interest in Munnar. This guide will help you in arranging your schedule during your visit to Munnar.

Distance to various places from Munnar

  • Distance from Munnar to Cochin Airport   – 135KM
  • Distance from Munnar to Thekkady – 100KM
  • Distance from Munnar to Trivandrum     – 280KM
  • Distance from Munnar to Alleppey – 180km
  • Distance from Munnar to Kodaikkanal – 175km
  • Distance from Munnar to Madurai – 165KM


The celebrated Periyar natural life haven is in Thekkady. Thekkady is some of the time alluded to as Kumily or Periyar. Thekkady is the best spot to visit in the event that you are keen on experience and eco-the travel industry exercises. On the off chance that you are not inspired by such exercises, you have just Periyar untamed life haven to see.

To observe natural life intently, you have to go for sailing through the Periyar River. Wild creatures, timberland regions of Periyar haven and Mullapperiyar dam from long view must be seen during this drifting. Vehicles are not permitted inside the asylum for touring.

Drifting in Thekkady has fixed timings and the visitor should be by and by in the line to get tickets. You have to give your own subtleties just as show ID card while taking this ticket. Contingent upon season, the scramble for drifting shifts. In top seasons, there may be overwhelming surge, so attempt to be in line in any event 3 to 4 hrs before the flight time.

Thekkady has parcel of exercises/shows running at night. Whenever intrigued, you can watch Kalarippayattu (combative techniques of Kerala), Kathakali, Magic show, melodic wellspring, innate move and so forth. You can likewise go for Ayurveda rub, Elephant ride, Elephant shower, Elephant shower, Spice manor visit and so on. You can get ready for drifting through Periyar River also above exercises on the off chance that you have one night remain at Thekkady. Except if you are keen on gutsy exercises, don’t remain for over 2 evenings there. On the off chance that you are settling on two night’s remain, you can unwind on the subsequent day appreciating the wild of Thekkady..

On the off chance that you are a gutsy individual, this is the spot for you. Plan for 2 or 3 evenings at Thekkady and you get the opportunity to do a wide range of experience exercises here. You can go for Gavi visit which incorporates entire day Jeep safari, traveling and so on., bamboo boating, eco-the travel industry, nature walk, late evening watching and so on. Experience the subtleties for these exercises and fix the quantity of days you need to remain at Thekkady.

From Thekkady you can move to Alleppey, Munnar, Cochin, Madurai (Tamil Nadu), Kodaikkanal (Tamil Nadu). Again Kovalam is certifiably not a smart thought as there will be parcel of voyaging.

Recently we have discovered a site where you can do internet reserving for drifting at Periyar. Despite the fact that we have not attempted this, one of our visitor did it without anyone else’s help. Thought of sharing that site here.

Web based reserving for Periyar drifting should be possible on www.periyarfoundation.org. The rates are Rs 248 for grown-up and Rs 75 for understudy.

Distance to various places from Thekkady

  • Distance from Thekkady to Cochin – 170km
  • Distance from Thekkady to Munnar – 100km
  • Distance from Thekkady to Alleppey – 150km
  • Distance from Thekkady to Kodaikkanal – 120km
  • Distance from Thekkady to ooty -175km
  • Distance from Thekkady to gavi – 45km

Houseboat Cruise in Alleppey:

Alleppey is renowned for Kerala style houseboats. Alleppey has a decent sea shore moreover. A houseboat journey is an alternate encounter and ought not miss this on the off chance that you have enough occasions with you. Houseboats give an unexpected vibe in comparison to remaining in a lodging. These skimming manors have eating lobby, rooms with restrooms and kitchens. Number of rooms changes from one to nine starting at now.

Houseboat journey can be of two sorts; you can either settle on a 21hrs short-term voyage or can take morning journey for 5 to 6 hrs.

In the event that you are settling on morning journey, you need to registration at 10AM and registration will be at 4 or 5 PM relying upon the voyage supplier you pick. For this situation, you will be welcomed with welcome beverage (lime squeeze or delicate coconut) and will serve lunch arranged in pontoon and night snacks. Vessel will journey through the inland waterways, backwaters and lakes. What’s more, you can likewise watch the significant lot of paddy fields at Alleppey (Kuttanad). This journey, I am certain, will be one of the most paramount encounters of your lifetime.

Pontoon will stop during lunch timings and food is set up in the vessel itself. The vessel will have a Captain (driver), Cook and now and again an aide also relying upon the size of pontoon. These pontoons are motor driven.

For overnight stay houseboat journey (21hrs), you have to registration to your houseboat at 12 Noon and registration will be at 9 AM following day. The vessel will take you for a voyage at 12 Noon and will be going around till noon. The vessel will stop for lunch and after lunch it travels till 5.30 to 6PM and afterward grapples till following day morning. You will journey again following day for in any event an hour prior to look at.

For this sort of voyage, you will get welcome beverage, lunch, evening snacks, tea, supper and breakfast for the following day morning. Food is set up in the pontoon itself and all vessels will have their fixed menu. They take your food inclination before you reach Alleppey and crude materials will be put away in pontoon before it leaves the shore.

In the event that you are a non-veggie lover, you will get rice, vegetable (2types), fish fry, curd, pickles, pappad, Sambar for lunch and chicken, chappathy, rice, vegetable curry, dal for supper. In the event that you are a veggie lover, the menu is comparable with certain changes. It will be Payasam rather than fish fry for lunch and one more assortment of veg curry rather than chicken for supper. For breakfast, it will be inactively sambar, omelet and bread margarine jam.

It’s consistently fitting to educate them ahead of time in the event that you have a particular inclination as once you start the excursion getting crude materials isn’t simple. On the off chance that you have kids with you and need more milk or such food, remember to illuminate that ahead of time. During the journey, you can buy prawns, additional fish all alone (in the event that you feel like). The group will cook and serve that for you.

On the off chance that you are picking A/C Houseboat, except if explicitly referenced A/C works from 9 PM to 6 AM as it were. In the event that you require full time A/C or need additional hours, at that point advise the houseboat administrator ahead of time. You will be charged extra except if your bundle is with full time A/C houseboat. On the off chance that you need extra A/C time, they have to convey additional fuel with them and except if you tell ahead of time, this will be troublesome.

While ready, do close the windows and entryways of your room at night. All things considered in water and flies may enter at night. Houseboats are regularly stopped in a sheltered spot where the proprietor of houseboat has simple access or is close to his home. Houseboats are of various classifications and rooms may not be as large as your lodging.

The greatest disservice of houseboat is that if there is some issue with A/C or TV in the night, it will most likely be unable to get it fixed till following day. To get a circuit tester late night to that ending spot may not be conceivable. Be that as it may, such things happen once in a while.

Contingent upon your advantage, either go for 21hrs voyage or take a morning journey and afterward remain in a hotel at Alleppey or Kumarakom.

Distance to various places from Alleppey

  • Distance from Alleppey to Cochin – 73km
  • Distance from Alleppey to Munnar – 180km
  • Distance from Alleppey to Thekkady – 150km
  • Distance from Alleppey to Trivandrum – 165km
  • Distance from Alleppey to Kovalam – 175km
  • Distance from Alleppey to Kanyakumari – 265km

Kumarakom and Alleppey Resorts:

Kumarakom Resort

Alleppey is well known for Houseboats, backwater resorts and sea shore though Kumarakom is for Houseboats and backwater resorts. Both are simply 30km separated. The two spots have plunge resorts just as houseboats. Contingent upon the alternative chose, you may move to that place. You can anticipate a hotel remain either after a Houseboat morning journey or for the following night after overnight voyage.

On the off chance that you have enough days, I generally propose taking one night remain in a retreat after your Houseboat journey. As a rule, you will reach Alleppey or Kumarakom following 3 night remain at Munnar, Thekkady or some other spots and a retreat remain here will loosen up you.

You can either move back to Cochin to get your trip back or can make a trip ahead to Kovalam after this loosening up remain.

While choosing a hotel at Kumarakom or Alleppey, ensure you do what’s necessary exploration. Ensure the hotel is according to your enjoying in light of the fact that there are barely any activities at when you are in a Kumarakom/Alleppey resort. You can visit Alleppey sea shore at night and can unwind. Some backwater resorts do give extra offices like pedal drifting, pool and Ayurvedic spa. What’s more, there are resorts giving field drifting, fishing and cooking class. This retreat can be either at Alleppey, Kumarakom and I realize some great backwater resorts while in transit to Cochin too.

When you are finished with Alleppey and Kumarakom , you have a few alternatives. It relies on your itinerary. You can either move towards Cochin and profit back home for a similar night or remain at Cochin and travel to Guruvayoor or Athirapilly-Vazhachal on the following day. Or then again you can move to south from Alleppey to visit Kovalam, Trivandrum, Varkala and Kanyakumari. You likewise have the alternative of going to Thekkady or Munnar from here in the event that you began the visit from Trivandrum. Alleppey lies practically halfway between Trivandrum from Cochin.



Varkala lies in the middle of Alleppey and Trivandrum and has a decent sea shore. There are a few sea shore resorts on the off chance that you need to remain here. Decide on this spot, just on the off chance that you have additional days or skirt this spot.


padmanabhaswamy sanctuary

Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala. At Trivandrum, you can visit the celebrated Sree Padmanabhaswamy sanctuary, Museums, craftsmanship display, Zoo and so forth. In the event that you have plans to visit the sanctuary, ensure you have the necessary dress to get inside. Jeans or pants are not took into account the two women and gentlemen. The sanctuary can be visited between 5 to 11 toward the beginning of the day or 3 to 6 at night. Visit different places according to your advantage and time accessibility.

While at Trivandrum, it’s fitting to remain at Kovalam which is acclaimed for its sea shore. In the event that you are truly in a tight calendar, one night stay is adequate however we prescribe two night remain to completely appreciate this spot. At the point when you have two evenings at Kovalam, you can visit Trivandrum one day and following day you can visit Kovalam sea shores. Select retreat according to your enthusiasm at Kovalam.

There are some extravagance resorts at Poovar too. Poovar is a spot only 14km from Kovalam and is celebrated for its estuary, where backwater and ocean meet! To completely loosen up you can broaden your stay for one more night, either at Kovalam or at Poovar.

In the event that Kovalam is your last goal, attempt to book return ticket from Trivandrum which encourages you to invest enough energy at this spot and to stay away from long excursion of 6 to 7 hrs to Cochin. On the off chance that your arrival ticket is from Cochin, attempt to leave Kovalam in any event 8 hrs ahead of time to be on the more secure side. What’s more, if the arrival ticket is for morning flight/train from Cochin, ensure you remain at Cochin as opposed to hurrying from Kovalam on the most recent day.

From Kovalam, you can do day-visit to Kanyakumari. You can go through one night at Kanyakumari, in the event that you have time. Kanyakumari is 90km from Trivandrum and is practically 2hrs drive. There is Kerala-Tamil Nadu check post in the middle.

On the off chance that your visit is beginning from Trivandrum, you have the decisions of moving to Kanyakumari, Varkala, Alleppey, Cochin from here.

Separation to different spots from Trivandrum

Distance from Trivandrum to Kanyakumari – 100km

Distance from Trivandrum to Cochin airport– 245km

Distance from Trivandrum to Munnar – 310km

Distance from Trivandrum to Thekkady – 260km

Distance from Trivandrum to Kovalam – 15km



In spite of the fact that Kanyakumari isn’t in Kerala, in the event that you are venturing out up to Trivandrum it is prescribed to visit this spot. Attempt to have one night remain at Kanyakumari with the goal that you can see the dusk just as the dawn. Ensure you reach Kanyakumari before 4PM to see the nightfall. On the off chance that you are on a tight timetable, a roadtrip to Kanyakumari from Trivandrum is likewise suggested.

Guruvayoor sanctuary:


The well known Sree Krishna sanctuary is at Guruvayoor. Guruvayoor is 90 kilometers, a 2 hour drive from Cochin towards North West. On the off chance that you are intending to visit Guruvayoor, it is prescribed to go through one night there. Despite the fact that it is just a 2hrs drive from Cochin, you can expect a long line and should hang tight for around 2 to 4 hrs to enter sanctuary.

In the event that you are remaining for the time being, you can visit the sanctuary at night when the group is less. At around 7PM, there are loads of customs occurring there. At the point when I go, I visit the sanctuary at 6PM, have darshan and remain inside the sanctuary till 8PM and return to inn. At that point I wake up at 2.30AM and visit the sanctuary again early morning at 3.30AM and return to inn. During this time, surge will be less and one can go inside rapidly.

There is an elephant Sanctuary close to sanctuary where you can see in excess of 60 elephants and is an unquestionable requirement see place on the off chance that you are visiting Guruvayoor sanctuary.

Athirapilly-Vazhachal Waterfalls:

This is the greatest cascades in Kerala and is around 70km from Cochin. On the off chance that you have enough occasions, you may think about visiting this spot. During Athirapilly visit, it is possible that you can remain at Athirapilly itself or can return and remain at Cochin. There are scarcely any acceptable retreats at Athirappily – Vazhachal district.

Cherai Beach:

Cherai is perfect for a sea shore visit and is just 30km from Cochin. Possibly you can have for the time being remain here or visit in the event that you have sufficient opportunity.



Wayanad is roughly 300km from Cochin towards north. On the off chance that this is your first goal, attempt to book ticket till Calicut. A 3 night remain is fitting as all touring places in Wayanad are not near one another. In the event that your next goal is towards south, a night remain at Cochin is required as the drive from Wayanad to Cochin itself takes 7 to 8 hrs. On the off chance that Wayanad is your last goal, you can book return ticket from Calicut as opposed to driving back to Cochin.

Expectation with the above subtleties, you will be currently in a situation to graph your movement agenda with the goals picked and number of evenings to be spent at every area chose.

Complete Route Plan

Some recommended course designs are referenced underneath. Contingent upon your advantage, you may settle on the quantity of days to be spent at every goal. You may avoid wherever in the middle of moreover. As km is likewise referenced, this will assist you with getting the directing done effectively for your days off.

In the event that appearance is at Cochin

Cochin – (135 km) – Munnar – (110 km) – Thekkady–(160 km) – Alleppey resort – Alleppey Houseboat – (80 km) – Cochin

Cochin – (135 km) – Munnar – (110 km) – Thekkady–(160 km) – Alleppey resort – Alleppey Houseboat – (80 km) – Varkala – (150 km) – Kanyakumari–(90 km) – Trivandrum/Kovalam – (230 km) – Cochin

Cochin – (80 km) – Alleppey resort – Alleppey Houseboat – (210 km) – Kanyakumari–(90 km) – Trivandrum/Kovalam – (230 km) – Cochin

Cochin – (135 km) – Munnar – (110 km) – Thekkady–(160 km) – Alleppey resort – Alleppey Houseboat – (80 km) – Cochin – (90 km) – Guruvayoor–(140 km) – Athirapillyvazhachal–(70 km) – Cochin

Cochin – (300 km) – Wayanad–(300 km) – Cochin – (135 km) – Munnar – (110 km) – Thekkady–(160 km) – Alleppey resort – Alleppey Houseboat – (80 km) – Varkala – (150 km) – Kanyakumari – (90 km) – Trivandrum/Kovalam Cochin

On the off chance that appearance is at Trivandrum

Trivandrum/Kovalam – (90 km) – Kanyakumari – (150 km) – Varkala – (80 km) – Alleppey Houseboat – Alleppey resort – (160 km) – Thekkady – (110 km) – Munnar – (135 km) – Cochin

Check the Weather Conditions

Kerala has a run of the mill tropical atmosphere around the year. December and January are generally colder months, and the climate fires heating up from February. April – June are the late spring months where it very well may be very hot and damp.

The South West rainstorm season from June – September sees a great deal of heavy precipitation. Following that, there is the North East Monsoon that runs from October to December.

It’s ideal to design your excursion dependent on the climate conditions also. Hillstations stay cool all year, and you can expect a higher vacationer populace throughout the mid year months. Kerala is very captivating during the storm season, and you can appreciate the climate on the off chance that you come arranged with fitting precipitation gear.

Choosing Vehicle


Do choose vehicle according to the quantity of individuals voyaging and the gear you convey. Indica is proposed just if number of people voyaging is three or not as much as that. At the point when 4 individuals are voyaging, there will be sufficient gear and Indica is a vehicle which doesn’t have boot space.


In Kerala, finding an Indica with transporter is troublesome. On the off chance that you are only 2 or 3 individuals voyaging yet require


better extravagance go for Indigo rather than Indica. In the event that there are 4 to 7 people, at that point pick Tavera and for more extravagance Innova can be chosen.

On the off chance that there are at least 8 individuals in your gathering, at that point travel in Tempo explorer. Do take note of that when you are on this occasion trip, you are voyaging

Toyota Inova

around 150km consistently that too through uneven territories. On the off chance that you attempt to set aside cash by blocking yourself in a vehicle, at that point your movement won’t be unwinding. Not just that

Tempo traveler (12, 14, 17, 19 Seater)

your vehicle will think that its troublesome in getting through slopes. There ought to be space to keep your gear likewise while choosing the vehicle.

Baggage/Cash/ID card

While going attempt to convey least gear. Likewise attempt to take least money with you and less decorations. You will discover parcel of ATM’s in Kerala.

Do convey ID card of each individual who goes with you. ID card is required at the hour of registration at inns.

I trust this article encourages you in arranging your Kerala trip easily and to choose the agenda.

On the off chance that you discover me wrong anyplace in the article, I am open for conversation and will refresh the equivalent.

Much thanks and wish you an extraordinary Kerala experience.

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