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Paragliding In Kerala

Paragliding in Kerala is something that you’d never envision or partner Kerala with! Kerala, an excellent state arranged in the south-west area of India, is one of the best and most tasteful vacationer locations on the planet. In case you are intending to visit the length and expansiveness of India, it is absolutely impossible that you could finish the outing without visiting Kerala. Kerala is known as God’s Own Country, and when you visit the state, you will acknowledge why it is named that way. Kerala is in a real sense a heaven on Earth. Everything under the sun about this state is honored with a bounty of normal excellence. Directly from the Western Ghats, to the backwaters, to the bringing out flavors, and the astounding sea shore resorts and houseboat stay, everything about Kerala shouts magnificence. Along these lines, it is no big surprise that Kerala is an exceptionally respected traveler objective in India!

For an express that is known for its untamed life parks and normal abundance, the chance of Paragliding in Kerala should come as an amazement to you. In any case, pair paragliding in Kerala is really a secret feature of this state. Regardless of whether you are an undertaking addict, this state has something to take into account your requirements. That being said, this isn’t simply bound to one spot in Kerala yet is accessible in a few well known traveler objections inside Kerala. Consequently, you’d not need to confront any issues to get to this experience sport. Getting a charge out of Kerala from such high heights certainly will undoubtedly give you an exciting encounter! Regardless of whether you don’t have earlier paragliding experience, fret not. Pair Paragaliding in Kerala shows up with a teacher. Thus, you need not stress over it!

4 Best Places For Paragliding In Kerala
  1. Vagamon
  2. Munnar
  3. Varkala
  4. Malampuzha

Vagamon is a high-elevation objective in the God’s own country that is situated at the line of Idukki and Kottayam areas in Kerala. This comfortable, little slope station is gave with verdant glades, tall pine backwoods, marvelous cascades, and rich tea bequests. Vagamon has consistently been a traveler’s go-to place and paragliding is another experience expansion to this charming spot. The vegetation of this spot is unrivaled and paragliding at Vagamon allows you to fill your eyes with such joyful view. High noticeable all around through the mists and fog, paragliding at Vagamon gives you a bird’s perspective on the amazing valley beneath. Paragliding focuses in Vagamon Kerala are exceptionally extraordinary as you start and land in a similar spot after the flight.

Best an ideal opportunity to visit Vagamon for paragliding:

The best an ideal opportunity for paragliding in Vagamon is during the cooler months from October to February when the day temperature drifts around 20 degrees Celsius and evenings are cold. During these months, odds of precipitation are depressing thus, assuming you need to encounter paragliding in Vagamon, winters are the awesome. The subsequent best time is throughout the mid year long periods of March to May. During these months, the day temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius and evenings are wonderful with temperatures plunging to 23 degrees Celsius. The skies of Vagamon are generally blue and clear during this piece of the year as well.


Situated at 1600 meters above mean ocean level, Munnar is a town roosted on the Kannan Devan Hills in the midst of the Western Ghats mountain ranges in the Idukki locale of Kerala. This languid little town of Munnar is a focal point for experience addicts who love to take off and partake in the excellence of the rich vegetation beneath. Paragliding here has been dispatched as of late because of ideal breeze conditions and warm taking off. Paragliding occurs from the beginning stage of Chithirapuram, and in the wake of partaking in an exciting paragliding meeting, the arrival is as a rule close to the Munnar Engineering College.

Best an ideal opportunity for paragliding in Munnar:

The best an ideal opportunity for paragliding in Munnar is during the cooler months from October to February when the day temperature drifts around 20 degrees Celsius. Evenings are nail bitingly cold with temperatures plunging to single digit numbers. During these months, precipitation is very nearly zero and this dry season is ideal for paragliding in Munnar. The subsequent best time is throughout the late spring a very long time from March to May. During these months, the day temperatures are in every case under 30 degrees Celsius and evenings are lovely with mercury plunging to a limit of 23 degrees Celsius. Precipitation in summer in scant thus, paragliding activities are open well until the long stretch of May. Munnar gets hefty precipitation from June to September and paragliding focuses stay shut because of security reasons.


Varkala is a marvelous tropical sea shore city close to Trivandrum. While paragliding normally implies taking off in the mountains, paragliding at a sea shore town is a brilliant distinction. This shoreline paragliding objective beginnings from a helipad in the North Cliff, and as the pilot takes you on a bird-like excursion over the blue waters of the Arabian Sea, you will be skimmed back to the helipad or some of the time at the sea shore.

Best an ideal opportunity for paragliding in Varkala:

The best season for flying on the precipices of Varkala is from mid-December to the furthest limit of March when the climate is great, and nonappearance of precipitation, warm taking off, and wind conditions are ideal for paragliding . Be that as it may, during positive breeze conditions, you can likewise take a stab at paragliding from October to the furthest limit of April.


Malampuzha, a little township on the foothills of the Western Ghats, is located 10 km from Palakkad town and has in store a large number of amusement options – The Malampuzha Gardens – A fresh water aquarium( fish-shaped )- A snake park – A childrens park – A Reservoir – A Garden House – A Japanese Garden -A Hanging Bridge – Sculpture of Yakshi – Ropeway – Road Train – Telescopic Tower – Rock Garden – Fantasy Park, etc.
The primary attraction of the place is the Malampuzha Dam which was constructed in 1955 to aid proper irrigation in the area and maintain the lush greenery of the place over an extended period. Hundreds of tourists flock to Malampuzha every year attracted by its serene atmosphere and pristine surroundings. It is often acclaimed as one of the most attractive destinations in Southern India. It offers a variety of entertainment options to its visitors, the most famous one being a reservoir constructed along Malampuzha River.
Being nurtured by Keralas longest river, the Bharathappuzha, Malampuzha is blessed with lush green foliage and has been acclaimed as one of the most attractive tourist spots in the district of Palakkad, Kerala, . It offers a variety of amusements with its natural and artificial amalgamation. The charm of the natural beauty and the creativity of the human mind make the people admire its wonderful works and mould ones mind rosy.

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