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Arising out of the fringes of the Idukki District Vagamon is an excellent and peaceful slope station. Once upon a time, this minuscule slope station was under the radar of numerous voyagers yet not it has gotten a home of a few vacationer exercises. Vagamon is one and only spot in India that is as yet immaculate by commercialization.A large portion of the explorers feel that it isn't all around associated from the remainder of India however in spite of its distance, this spot is effectively open and gives its guests a wonderful and peaceful perspective on characteristic magnificence that the metropolitan people long for.

Vagamon gives everybody a few incredible vacation destinations and exercises. Thus, on the off chance that you are arranging an excursion to this wondrous land, at that point you should look at these stupendous spots to visit in Vagamon.

National Geographic Traveler has listed Vagamon on their directory of the 50 most attractive places to visit in India The places one can visit at Vagamon • Tea Lake • Pine Forest • Murugan mala • Thangal para • Kurisu mala • Orchid Garden • Suicide Point • Paragliding • Water falls • Vagamon Meadows

Spots To Visit Near VagamonVagamon is an extraordinary objective for voyagers around the globe. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you have just investigated the entire of Vagamon, here are a couple of objections close to Vagamon that merit a visit.

1. Barren Hills

The Barren Hills of Vagamon is probably the best spot that you can visit in this spot, despite the fact that its name names gives off an impression of being an energizing one. Desolate Hills got their name because of its temperament of going rich to exposed by the various seasons. On the off chance that you wish to encounter each prepare in Kerala, at that point this is the spot you should be in.

With its enormous lavish green grounds, the Barren slopes are one of the most mainstream vacation destinations in Vagamon. It gives you a few occasions to catch the beautiful magnificence of nature. These slopes are celebrated for paragliding, journeying and rock climbing making it an ideal travel spot for experience devotees.

2. Pine Hill

"Strolling in the Woods" is a well known English expression and you will get the specific sensation of strolling in the forested areas at the Pine Hills. This spot doesn't get a lot to offer with regards to the view yet it offers a lot of nostalgic things to cause you to feel. The pine slopes comprise of enormous backwoods with pine trees that offer an ideal stroll in nature. Numerous voyagers and vacationers visit this spot to have a quiet and loosening up stroll in the forested areas. This spot offers a wonderful encounter where you can value the genuine magnificence of nature. The one of a kind and great pine trees covering sections of land of land make for an ideal spot for a long serene walk and nature photography.

3. Vagamon Meadows

On the off chance that you were burnt out on your ordinary feverish metropolitan life and were thinking about a door to have some serene time with yourself then the Vagamon Meadows will assist you with recovering your inward harmony. Simply being there, encircled by the Lush green valleys, cool wind will remove every one of your concerns and overwhelm all the aggregated pressure.

In the event that you were searching for a spot where you can appreciate a lighter attitude then this is the ideal spot for you. The lavish green scenes makes for an ideal spot to catch that one picture that you will appreciate for what seems like forever. This spot furnishes you with such a tranquility that you can't plan to discover in any metropolitan or semi-metropolitan district.

4. Thangalpara

Thangalpara is a beautiful slope station that is situated at a rise of 2500 meters from the ocean level. This spot is known for its special and fascinating round stone development and profound significance in the area. This spot is known as the objective in which the Sufi Saint named Sheik Fariduddin lived and passed on 8 centuries back. It is accepted that the stone is utilized by that holy person who developed after he passed on. The burial chamber of this holy person is found right close to this one of a kind stone. You can appreciate the entirety of this in the Thangalpara district, there are a lot of other audacious exercises that you can do in this piece of Vagamon so remember to look at them

5. Murugan Mala

Murugan Mala is one more incredible and excellent slope that is known for its hypnotizing rock-slice sanctuary committed to the admirers of Murugan. This spot overflows the heavenly inclination and assists its guests with getting nature. Their environmental factors make it an ideal objective to walk around in the forested areas and go touring. Murugan Mala is generally encircled by travelers revering in the sanctuary. You will likewise get an opportunity to enter these sanctuaries and see the whole function. The entirety of this makes for an incredible encounter that you won't fail to remember for quite a while and remember to click a few pictures while you are viewing the service.

Subsequent to visiting the sanctuary you can venture outside the sanctuary where you will be left awestruck with the wonderful perspective on the environmental factors joined with cool new breeze. Talking a quiet and relieving walk around the mountain is the most ideal approach to like the magnificence of this spot. Here you can appreciate the lavish excellence and quietness of the characteristic life that you can't expect anyplace else. This spot isn't only a paradise for the aficionados of Murugan yet it is likewise an ideal objective for nature darlings and picture takers. October to April is the best an ideal opportunity for you to visit this spot as all through this period the climate is generally lovely.


Kurisumala Ashram is at the heart of the Sahya Mountains, which run parallel to India's south west coast. It is a place sanctified by the breeze which blows softly across the valleys and by the overwhelming beauty of the creation, and the mediative thoughts which arise from the depth of silence. Even today people move to the mountains in search of peace of mind and of God-experience.What we write here about Francis Acharya, the head and architect of the Ashram, was heard from the sadhakas of Kurisumala. Mountains are the place of God-experience. In the wilderness of Sinai, Moses the prophet heard great revelations. Jesus loved to retire to the mountains, in the silence of the night to have a colloquy of love with His Father.The spirituality of understanding is all-pervading here.

Today Kurisumala has become the Mount of Transfiguration, as it gives to all who come to the Ashram for a visit or to spend a few days, the feeling that, " It is good to be here", as Peeter said on Mount Tabor. Here the seeker's soul realizes the commands of God. Here are relevantly assembled 'Om karam', the primordial sound of the ancient seers of India and the Cross. Kurisumala Ashram, a monastery for Christian ascetics, who have belief in the Christianity along with the Indian spiritual beliefs, is worth visiting a place in Vagamon.Kurisumala is a Christian pilgrim centre and one of the main attractions at vagamon. The main day of attraction is on Good Friday. This is where hundreds of devotees from far and near converge during the holy week and after to climb the hill carrying wooden crosses.

7.Suicide point

Vagamon also prides in having a Suicide Point; it is called Moonpara. It is a gorge which is V-shaped. It is one of the beautiful locations in Vagamon. From this place, you can see the deep-seated valley below. The sight is full of awe. The depth of the valley appears like an abyss.

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