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Onam Sadhya: Everything you need to know about 26 dishes

Onam, likewise alluded to as Thiru-Onam or Thiruvonam, falls in the primary month of the Malayalam schedule, Chingam. It is quite possibly the most mainstream celebrations celebrated in Kerala.

Onam Signifance

The festival of Onam celebrates the presence of Vamana symbol of Vishnu and the resulting home happening to the incredible Emperor Mahabali. Onam praises the Asura King Mahabali’s yearly visit from Patallok (the hidden world). Upon the arrival of Onam, Asura King Mahabali is accepted to visit each Malayali home and meet his kin.

The Onam celebration festivity starts on Atham day (the day when Atham Nakshatra wins) and proceeds for the following 10 days till Thiruvonam day.

Onam Sadhya

Onam Sadhya is the conventional multi-course vegan feast served on the happy event, on a banana leaf highlighting more than 26 dishes. The gigantic feast calls for arrangements starting much ahead of time, which unites the local area in manufacturing an essential encounter. As per specialists, the supper comprises of conventional dishes from across the state, including seared tidbits, assortment of curries, pickles, desserts served close by red rice.

The 26 dishes feast served on plantain leaves incorporate dishes like Kaaya Varuthatha (banana chips), Chenna Varuthathu (sweet potato cut into cuts and seared with flavors), Choru (Boiled Rice), Sarkara Upperi (jaggery covered banana chips), Pulinji (tamarind-based chutney), Ada Pradhaman, Paal Payasam, Kichadi (gourd in a yogurt curry), Pachadi (pineapple or severe gourd in yogurt), Olan (debris gourd with beans in a thick coconut milk sauce), Theeyal (blended vegetable sauce), Avial (vegetables made with coconut and milk), Kalan, Sambar, Rasam, Thoran, Mor Curry, buttermilk and papad.


Maybe the most dearest thing on this rundown, banana chips are served by the modest bunch before the other 25 dishes.

Sharkara Varatti

This better form of banana chips is made out of jaggery and however the sweet made be difficult to eat,


Rice is a fundamental piece of Onam Sadhya yet on this event, most Malayalis serve red rice.

Inji Curry

Inji curry is produced using ginger, tamarind and jaggery. In most Malayali families, this is the main thing that is ready in the days prompting the tenth day of Onam.

Mango Pickle

This mango Curry will add a zesty kick to your feast.

Naranga Curry

Of the two kinds of pickles served at Onam Sadhya, this harsh lemon pickle will positively add some zing to your dinner.


This is made with debris gourd and red beans sprinkled with a liberal measure of hand-squeezed, genuine coconut milk.


This dish incorporates pumpkin, red beans, and a liberal measure of ground coconut.


A regularly overlooked dish on this event, Avial is a standout amongst other blended vegetable dishes. It is made by blending vegetable in with ground coconut and is cooked in coconut oil and milk.


Thoran can be produced using any vegetable and is a staple in each Malayali family. For the most part, it is made with cabbage and carrots or simply beans with ground coconut.

Parripu Curry

For this dish, plain moong dal is finished off with ghee, red chillies, and dark sesame seeds.

Chenna Mezhkkupuratti

For this dish, sweet potato is cut into slight cuts, overflowed with flavors and singed in coconut oil.


A fundamental dish for the blowout, every family has their own formula for Sambhar. It is cooked with each vegetable there is, from beans to potatoes to sweet potato.

Morru Kachiyatha

In case you are a Malayali, this is unquestionably a piece of your solace food. It is made by bubbling yogurt flawlessly with dark sesame seeds, shallots, ginger, and garlic.


This mark Onam Sadhya dish is made with yogurt, sweet potato or crude banana and ground coconut.


Another delectable dish is this one settled on utilizing hot yogurt and your decision of vegetable. It tends to be okra, cucumber, or considerably unpleasant gourd.


Eaten as a rice backup, this can likewise be smashed to help with processing. It is made with zesty tamarind soup, sprinkled with a liberal measure of curry leaves, mustard and tomatoes.


Pulissery is an authentic Kerala recipe made with buttermilk and cucumber. A perfect blend of subtle flavours.

Kootu Curry

The fixings in this may shock you, it is made with crude bananas, dark chana and ground coconut made into a dry curry.


Generally known as ghee in Hindi, a spoonful of this is poured over the rice and parripu to give it an additional flavor.

Inji Thayir

This delectable dish is made utilizing heaps of meagerly cut ginger blended in with yogurt, dark sesame seeds and flavors.

Poovan Pazham

This incorporates the more modest variant of bananas. When squashed together, it goes particularly well with Payasam, and pappadam can be tossed in with the general mish-mash for that additional crunch.

Palada Pradhaman

A sweet dish made with milk, dry organic products, and rice ada is the last thing to be filled in as it helps in checking the flavors.

Pazham Pradhaman

This delicacy incorporates Rice ada, cashew nuts, daintily cut coconut pieces and jaggery. Also, for the correct method to partake in this allude to Poovan Pazham.


No Onam Sadhya is finished without these pappads produced using rice flour.

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