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Settled in the core of the Western Ghats, Gavi is an unlikely treasure in the delightful territory of Kerala, India. Gavi is a breathtaking destination for nature lovers thanks to its abundant wildlife, pristine forests, and lush greenery. The wonders of Gavi and the reasons why every traveler should include it in their Kerala tour package are the subject of this article.

Gavi is about 28 kilometers southwest of Thekkady, a well-known hill station, and is in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. It is essential for the Periyar Tiger Save and is encircled by thick woodlands, tea homes, and flowing cascades. This region’s unspoiled beauty has made it a popular eco-tourism destination.
One of the features of Gavi is its rich biodiversity. The Nilgiri tahr, the lion-tailed macaque, the Indian hornbill, and elephants are just a few of the endangered species that call this region home. The chance to see over 260 different species of birds, including the Malabar grey hornbill, the great Indian hornbill, and the fairy bluebird with its colorful feathers, will delight birders.

To investigate this regular wonderland, guests can set out on invigorating traveling trails that take them through the thick woodlands. A popular option is the Periyar Tiger Trail, which gives visitors a close-up look at the Western Ghats. The paths are painstakingly arranged and joined via prepared guides, guaranteeing a protected and educational experience.

Gavi is likewise known for its quiet and beautiful lakes. The Gavi Lake, situated in the midst of the thick foliage, offers a serene setting for sailing. The perfectly clear waters mirror the encompassing vegetation, making a hypnotizing sight. Visitors can take a tranquil boat ride and take in the landscape’s beauty. On the lake, kayaking is another option for those looking for a high-adrenaline rush.
A trip to the Sabarimala viewpoint is a must for nature lovers. This perspective gives an all encompassing perspective on the Sabarimala slopes and the captivating Periyar Tiger Save. Visitors will be in awe of Mother Nature’s creations thanks to the postcard-perfect scene of lush green valleys and mist-covered peaks.

The cardamom plantation is one of Gavi’s special attractions. Kerala is renowned for its flavors, and Gavi offers an opportunity to observe the development of cardamom firsthand. Visitors can get information about harvesting, talk to farmers in the area, and even buy fresh spices to take home as a memento.

Additionally, Gavi gives visitors a glimpse into tribal life. The Manan people live in the area, and they’ve been doing so for centuries in harmony with nature. Visitors can interact with the tribe, gain insight into their sustainable way of life, and learn about their customs and traditions.
Gavi’s lodging options aim to immerse guests in the midst of nature. A one-of-a-kind experience is provided by the eco-lodges and treehouses, where guests can wake up to the chirping of birds and take in breathtaking views from their balcony. These facilities are planned considering maintainability, guaranteeing negligible effect on the climate.

Gavi ought to be high on the schedule while arranging a Kerala visit bundle. Its unblemished excellence, plentiful untamed life, and vivid encounters make it a nature darling’s heaven. Gavi is a rejuvenating escape from the bustle of city life, whether you want to hike through the thick forests, take a boat ride on the tranquil lake, or take in the abundant birdlife.

All in all, Gavi in the Western Ghats of Kerala is a shelter for nature lovers. Its immaculate magnificence, various untamed life, and vivid encounters make it a must-visit objective. Gavi offers a one-of-a-kind combination of adventure and tranquility with its trekking trails, tranquil lakes, tribal encounters, and sustainable lodging. If you include Gavi in your Kerala tour package, you will experience a journey through nature’s paradise like no other.

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